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What My Clients Say About My Work

Book Editing Clients


"From big-picture insights to the fine details of word choice, Jules offered specific, clear feedback that made my manuscript better on every page." 

Amy Bearce, author of Shortcuts and the World of Aluvia series

"Working with Jules, I've realized that copy editing is not just a skill but also an art form. Jules is the best of the best; an unfailing eye and command of language, along with a great understanding and respect for each author's voice."

Dallas Hudgens, author of Wake Up, We're Here and publisher at Relegation Books

"As a first-timer to receiving professional edits, I was hoping for an editor to assuage my worries about being a poor editor of my own work. What I received from Jules was so much more. Not only were the edits clear, confident, rigorous, and ultra-efficient, but Jules brought a kind and invaluable eye to conceptual edits."

Will Mountain Cox, author of With Paris in Mind

"Jules is a superb copy editor—meticulous, smart, insightful, and clear, with a fine literary sensibility that respects a writer's point of view. They did terrific work on my manuscripts, especially my novel; they gave me invaluable feedback and made sure the novel was historically accurate."

Ronna Wineberg, author of On Bittersweet Place and Nine Facts That Can Change Your Life

To see a list of books I've recently edited, and to read more reviews of my book-editing work, check out my Reedsy profile.

Advertising Editing Clients


"Jules is the best editor I’ve ever worked with. What’s more, they're a talented illustrated and photographer; this strengthens their eye for detail and their ability to detect the slightest errors while proofreading. The best part: Jules is one of the kindest human beings you’ll ever have the privilege to meet. If you want to hear more, contact me. And schedule plenty of time, because I’m going to give you an earful."

Pat Pujolas, Content Director at Akhia Communications

"Jules provides edits that are clear, concise, and made with thoughtful intent to the overall purpose of the project. They are the best editor I've ever worked with. They made me a better writer, and that's the mark of a great editor who really cares about the work and those they work with."

Laura Arnold, Senior Strategist at Scoppechio

"I have my dream editor. Jules is sensitive to my work and easy to work with. This helped me immensely as a writer as my creative ideas were still evolving. The quality of the edits was superb, and I say that after working with a number of editors."

George Ziegler, Revworks Inbound Marketing

"Jules is smart, dependable, efficient and detail-oriented. They always have a positive attitude and go out of the way to do the job well. No job is too small or too tedious. I highly recommend Jules!" 

Kailin Witte, Connections Director at VMLY&R

"Jules is an expert editor, and also an incredible writer with an innate ability to find tone and voice. Always optimistic, always on time, always willing to go the extra mile."

Lauren Showen, Senior Copywriter at Weber Shandwick

For more about my advertising work history, see my LinkedIn bio.


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