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I provide editing and proofreading services for clients in CPG, B2B, grocery, retail, restaurant, healthcare, cause and nonprofit, loyalty, financial services and more. I’ve edited websites, print ads, white papers, articles, social media content, banner ads, radio and video scripts, annual reports, emails and newsletters, hospital directories, billboards and bus wraps, restaurant menus, and much more. If it has words on it, there’s a good chance I’ve edited something like it. 

If you know exactly what service you need for a project, great! Head over to the Contact page and let’s talk. If you’re not sure what you need, below are details about each service, the pace at which I work, and my fees.

Comprehensive copy editing

Approximate pace: 1,500 words per hour / Fee: $75 per hour


Copy editing and proofreading are frequently confused. Copy editing happens before content is in its final form (e.g., it’s in a copy doc rather than laid out in design or staged on a webpage). It gets under the hood, inspects all working parts, and ensures the whole system is running smoothly. Copy editing:​​

  • Reviews each word and checks spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style

  • Considers word choice, trims and tightens sentences, and reviews syntax

  • Reviews sentences and paragraphs for clarity, conciseness, and consistency while ensuring tone remains intact

  • Corrects redundancy, passive phrasing, logic flaws and repeated beats

  • Checks facts, such as dates, proper nouns, and historical events

  • Checks design elements (such as leading, kerning, alignment, and font consistency) against brand guidelines

  • Confirms trademarks

  • Checks all links



Approximate pace: 2,000 words per hour / Fee: $60 per hour

Proofreading happens after the text has already been through a copy edit, is approved, and is in its final form (a design, a staged website or app, or page layouts for a book or report). It assumes the work has already gone through a copy edit. Proofreading:

  • Checks spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors, but does not address content issues or writing style

  • For print projects (such as books, brochures, print ads, direct mail pieces, etc.), all design elements are reviewed:

    • Spacing of lines, paragraphs, and margins

    • Widows, orphans, word breaks, and line breaks

    • Consistent placement and centering of tables/charts/artwork

    • Page numbers versus table of contents and index

  • For digital projects (such as responsive and mobile-specific websites, iOS and Android apps, banners, social media posts, etc.):

    • Includes link testing

    • Includes functionality testing of forms, navigation, etc.


Quick Check

Approximate pace: 3,500 words per hour / Fee: $55 per hour

This quick review will catch most issues that could make you look bad, but it is not guaranteed to catch all of them. This review is useful when a timeline or budget is too crunched to allow for a comprehensive copy edit. This check reviews:

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization

  • Verb tense consistency

  • Pronoun use

  • Spacing and basic formatting

But does not:

  • Check facts and proper nouns

  • Track all details for consistency (though if I notice an inconsistency, I’ll note it)

A Note on Style

Before we begin, I’ll confirm whether you want your work reviewed using Chicago Style, AP Style, or a house style guide/brand guidelines. Usually, Chicago Style is reserved for books, while AP Style is used for shorter works, such as website content, blog posts, online articles, etc. Here's a snapshot of the basic differences between Chicago Style and AP Style.

See something that matches your needs?

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